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Hey Everyone! How are you? I am great! Over the weekend I went to Des Moines, Iowa to Chaperone a Youth 2000 retreat. www.y2kiowa.com This weekend was truely a miracle and a blessing! I actually witnessed and experienced more than one miracle.

1. The mass, recieving Jesus's body and blood.

2. Confession: I had the best confession ever! I feel so much happier and lighter!

3. I went to get supper on Saturday night, the sauce and noodles. I guess I didn't have a good balance with my plate and when I went to turn the plate tilted and the sauce went onto my left hand and burnt it pretty bad. My hand was pretty much covered in blisters, all over my palm and the bottom of my fingers. I could barely move my fingers with out if hurting. A friend of mine who is a Youth Minister, Kelly O'Brien told me to go to the first aid room. I did so they wrapped my fingers and hand in gauze and held ice on it, all your could see was the tips of my fingers and thumb.
Well that night they walked around with Jesus in the humeral veil *sp?* and I reached out and touched it with that hand when it was in front of me, then before I left a cfr priest put his hands over it and prayed, then I got to where I was staying and we were praying over eachother, and Kelly put blessed salt on top of my gauzed up hand, and put blessed oil on hand where there was a little skin showing and I have a sacred heart medal that was touched to a piece of the cross that Jesus died on so I slid that carefully a little bit into the gauze, they prayed over me and late late that night I went to bed. I woke up and there were now only three small blisters on my palm all the other ones have completely dissapeared. Not to mention the 3 small ones that left barely even hurt now!

4. I saw the power and proctection of the rosary. We were praying at the place we were staying and evedently this girl had a lot of junk in her. She was arching her back, her eyes were rolling back, she was moving her arms alot, we were prayin and praying and saying prayers against evil and we had placed a sacred heart badge of mine on her (this badge was touched to a piece of the True Cross that Jesus died on,) and she was really arching her back and such then, so we got to a point where Kelly , one of my friends was like does anyone have a rosary, we should say a rosary for her, so I directed half of the people to come over by me and the other people stayed with her and we did a rosary. RIGHT when we started the rosary, she layed flat, became peaceful, opened her eyes and cried, then sat up and finished the rosary with us. She was arching her back ect, for over an hour last night before she stopped.

5. I learned so many new things!

6. God is good, all the time!
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