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The Only Way to Jesus?

If it is true that "God is Love" (1 John 4:8), and it is true that Jesus is God and came into the world as a man(Philippians 2:7), and if it was true that Jesus was born of the virgin Mary (Luke 1:43, then it is true that:

1. Love came into the world through Mary.
2. Love came into the world through Mary's consent. (luke 1:38)
3. God came into the world through Mary's "yes."
4. If it is true that Jesus is salvation (Titus 2:13), then salvation was born into the world through Mary's "yes."
5. If Jesus is the light of the world(John 8:12), than the light entered the world through the womb of Mary.
6. If Jesus is Truth (John 14:6), then Truth entered the world through Mary.

Mary, as the mother of God --- as the person through whom God entered the world, is our mother in the order of Grace(John 19:26). Just as Eve said no to God and said yes to sin, by eating the apple, Mary said yes to God and no to sin by welcoming Christ into the world. Just as Eve is our physical mother, Mary is our spirital mother.

Just as Eve (along with Adam) brought sin into the world, so did Mary participate with God to bring Love into the world.

Truely, as surely as Jesus entered the world as a man, through Mary, Mary can be called our Mother, and the Mother of the Church. For just as Christ is the principle member of the Church, so is Mary His mother.
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